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Cypress, Google's IAP & Service Accounts

09 Mar, 2021

We recently had a requirement to communicate with services that were protected by Google’s Identity Aware Proxy (IAP) inside Cypress integration tests.

After a lot of searching for existing solutions, I was coming up blank, since most people were suggesting interactive authentication using the Cypress plugin for social...

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GCP Service Accounts for External OAuth2

12 Jun, 2020

Recently we had a requirement to integrate with a partner that was using their own OAuth2 infrastructure, which required us to use a public/private key pair and signed JWTs, equivalent of Google’s 2LO (2-legged) OAuth2 with their service accounts.

Keeping the public / private key pairs secure in a production...

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syslog from on-prem to Stackdriver in GCP

04 Jun, 2020

If you’ve used Google Cloud for a while, I’m sure you’ll agree that one of the best features is the Stackdriver suite, especially for log aggregation & analysis.

On-Prem workloads can feel left behind and we’ve been wishing for a while to bring them all into the same place, disappointed...

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