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Structured Logging in App Engine Go 1.12+

17 Mar, 2020

With our current push to upgrade all our App Engine apps that are written in Go to at-least the Go 1.12 runtime, we are having to make the painful switch away from the legacy packages and towards the more standardized packages.

One thing that was easy on...

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A Dynamic LDAP Directory for FreePBX

06 Feb, 2019

We had a requirement for a digital internal phone book, as the paper “phone list” we’d used in the past was nearly always out of date after the first few days, a pain to update and a massive waste of paper - plus it was just very 1984.

Our previous...

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Broken DKIM Signatures on Office365

14 Dec, 2017

It always came across funny before when other people where having bad experiences with Microsoft support for Office365, leaving us thinking thank god that isn’t us!

Now we’ve found our own issue and wow, was that account accurate.

The support so far has been abysmal!

I almost thought I was taking...

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